Heat Holders celebrate mother's day.

Dear Mother, Mere, Mama, Madre, Maa...

Around the world we love our mothers and mother figures and thank them for all they do for us each and every day. Happy Mother’s Day!

A relationship with a mother or a mother figure is like no other. The endless care and love that they provide children is a selfless gift from above. Whether your mother shares a home with you, lives far away, or has moved on to the next life, there are many ways to celebrate and honour the mother figures you adore.

Undoubtedly, this year looks quite different than most. The pandemic has brought forth unexpected challenges for all. As mother’s day approaches, it is important to reflect on the adjustments mothers have had to make while still wishing to protect their children and grandchildren. Whether they have young kids, teenagers or adult kids now, mothers everywhere should be thanked for the connection and love they have been able to provide despite it all. From gifts, party ideas, to special rituals, show mom you care on their special day. Not only today, but every day!

How did you spend your favorite Mother’s Day?

1. Start the Day With Mother’s Day Breakfast.

If mom normally spends time in the kitchen, surprise her with this healthy morning treat instead!

Mother’s Day Banana Pancakes. Yum! The recipe is simple and friendly to almost all diets. Grab one medium banana and one egg for each serving, and get cracking. Beat the banana and egg into a smooth batter, then leave the batter as is, or stir in a touch of cinnamon or cocoa powder for extra flavor.

Next, add a tablespoon of butter to a frying pan on medium heat and scoop three medium or large sized pancakes onto the pan. Cook the first side for 2-3 minutes, then flip the pancakes to cook the other side.

After a total of about 5 minutes, your potassium and protein-filled pancakes will be ready. Stack the cakes on mom’s favourite plate and top them off with fresh berries, maple syrup, honey, walnuts and/or chocolate chips. If mom is an avid coffee-drinker, make sure to have that fresh pot ready to serve alongside the morning treats!

2. Crafty Gifts From The Kids.

Nothing makes a mother happier than a gift that shows the time and effort you put into making it. So while savouring the tasty breakfast in-bed, dish out some extra sweetness with homemade gifts mom will adore. If you’ve got a creative itch you’ve been meaning to scratch, experiment with a crafty knitting task. With the kids, or as a solo project, grab mom’s favourite colour of polyester yarn, two large needles and a quiet spot to start. A friendly reminder, that knitting takes time, and even up to several weeks to complete a project!

Yet nothing says comfort like a cozy throw or pillowcase for mom to snuggle in. With the thick spool of yarn, try your hands at the beginner-friendly 'stocking stitch' to create either the throw or pillowcase. This basic stitch is also used in almost all scarves, hats and - of course - socks! With some dedicated time, pop on some YouTube tutorials for inspiration and start knitting away as you think of mom.

Remember, if the creative challenge ever feels like too much, Heat Holders® will be here to supply gifts of warmth and comfort to mom or grandma’s lives. Whether they are outdoor busy-bees or indoor home-office workers, our socks and blankets will keep them protected so they can focus on being amazing all day long.

What was the best gift you gave or have received for Mothers Day?

Heat Holders love our mothers

3. Mother Masterpieces.

Luckily, mom can still be honoured, no matter where in the world the rest of the family is! If you are able to host a socially-distanced gathering outdoors for mom, enjoy the day with this artistic idea. Have the kids paint or create specially made 'mom-masterpieces' of art to display. In the yard or garden, post the art up and around on easels, or hang them from trees for mom to admire in her very own ‘mother's-day-museum’!

4. Take a Walk Down Nostalgia Lane.

If a Zoom celebration is the safest option for you and your loved ones this year, take joy in virtual activities too. With siblings and family members, show off your favourite pictures of mom from over the years and take a pleasant trip down memory lane. To find the best treasures, start digging into those photo albums early! Where was your favourite picture of mom taken?

5. A 'Who Knows Mom Best' Trivia Game.

Another fun activity, for some good ol’ sibling rivalry is a trivia game. Get mom to record her answers and host a 'Who Knows Mom Best' online game show. Questions can include mom’s favourite flower, favourite film or year she moved away from home. After the show, tally up the points and announce the top trivia winner!

6. Mom’s Secret Recipe.

Additionally, if mom is quite the baker, try recreating her signature dessert dish and present it to her and the other Zoom attendees. For added fun, get mom to give each contestant a secret ingredient that they have to put into the dish. At the end, have mom choose her favourite-looking recreation, then dig into the sweet treat!

Heat Holders Mother's Day treats.

7. Visit Mom in Other Ways.

For many people, mother’s day can bring feelings of longing. If mother is no longer in the picture or a part of our world, spend the day honouring her life. Some rituals could include visiting them at the cemetery or participating in special prayer at home. Remember to keep positive, it’s the thought that counts the most!

8. Contact that Special Woman.

Perhaps that motherly relationship has been provided to you by a close relative, aunt or mentor. Whoever holds that dear spot in your heart, ensure they know their love is reciprocated by sending warm wishes with a call, email or hand-written letter in the mail. We all love to know that we are being thought about.

9. Cherish your Caregiver.

For many others, fathers play the integral role of parenting throughout their lives. If this is you, celebrate an early Father’s Day and spend the day doing one of dad’s favourite activities. Perhaps playing golf should be on the agenda? Or a challenging match of scrabble? Whatever it may be, if you are able to see your father figure today, give him an extra big hug for all he has done for you over the years.

10. Send Mom’s Birthstone Flowers.

While the virtual festivities come to an end, plan ahead for mom’s favorite flowers to be delivered. Although restrictions may be in place, see if a local store can bring flowers to mom’s home. If you did not complete the trivia quiz and are unsure of her favourite flower, buy flowers based on the color of her birthstone! For example, if mom was born in June, her birthstone would be Alexandrite, which is a blue and green color. Knowing this, send mom a bouquet of vibrant blue hydrangea or green roses to add special significance!

No matter what you choose to do today to make your mother or mother figure feel loved, remember that simple acts have great meaning too. A short text or call from those she loves will be just enough to put a smile on her face!

Happy Mother’s Day! (Share with us how you ended up celebrating Mothers Day!)

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