No one likes cold feet. But until 2008, most ‘thermal’ socks you could buy were pretty much useless. And that’s where our mission began…

Our inventor, David Doughty, spent his working life making and selling socks. Laid off from his factory job in the late 70s, he bought a machine with his severance check and began making socks in his garage. By the 80s, he’d built up a thriving business that employed over 200 people.

Things got tougher in the 90s. Imports flooded the market, forcing David to switch from manufacturing to importing. Socks got cheaper, but they got thinner and lighter too – and people’s feet got colder.

Cold feet, bright idea

One winter’s day in 2006, while David was watching his son play soccer, he realized his so-called ‘thermal’ socks were doing absolutely nothing to keep his feet warm. Sock-makers had tried so hard to be cheap, they’d forgotten about quality. Right there and then, David decided to create a superior thermal sock. A sock so warm his feet wouldn’t know it was winter.

A sock is born

Developing Heat Holders® took two years of hard work, dozens of experiments and a complete redesign of machinery. Eventually, we found the answer: a three-stage manufacturing process incorporating a high-quality acrylic yarn mix with an incredibly soft, cashmere-like feel, a special long looped pile and finally an intense brushing process. The key to insulation is to trap as much warm air as close to the skin as possible, and that’s what Heat Holders® do better than any other sock in the world.

The Heat Holders® process was, and still is, absolutely unique. It gives our socks the best thermal properties available, with a tog rating of 2.34. That’s far warmer than heavy walking socks, nearly three times as warm as standard thermal socks and seven times warmer than basic cotton socks.

Warm reaction

People loved Heat Holders® right from the start. In emails, social media posts and online product reviews, they told us the socks had literally changed their lives. Now, instead of suffering with thin, chilly socks (often two pairs at once), they could enjoy blissful warmth and comfort all day long. Dog walkers, horse riders, skiers, gardeners, anglers, farmers and outdoor workers all agreed: Heat Holders® socks were the warmest they’d ever worn. People suffering with medical conditions that cause cold feet such as Diabetes, Raynaud’s, Hypothyroidism, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Neuropathy all reached out as one, saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Top to toe

20 million pairs of Heat Holders® later, the message of warmth continues to spread all over the world. We expanded our sock range to include more styles, fits and patterns. And we helped customers feel warm all over with new Heat Holders® hats, gloves, tights, leggings, thermal underwear, fleece and blankets. Nearly ten years after David’s epiphany on the soccer field, The Heat Holders® product range continues to grow adapt and evolve to our customers’ needs. Then, as now, it’s Heat Holders® - Making Life Warmer ™.