For Spring Lovers - Try These Exciting Activities Before The Season Ends!

Breathe in the fresh air!

We all deserve it! Especially after that cold and ‘isolated’ winter. As we approach the end of the spring season, we have created a must-try springtime bucket list for everyone to add in that final ‘spring’ to their step.

Treat yourself and your bubble of family, friends or roommates to these final spring fling activities!

Start a Miniature Garden (Indoors or Outdoors):

We all know the importance of taking care of our health, and perhaps have worked towards new health goals more than ever this year. Fortunately for us, adding nutritious (and delicious) rituals to any lifestyle can be simple and fun!

The month of May is a wonderful time to plant some seeds directly into the soil. Or, if you have space for an indoor garden, a variety of seeds in pots can do the trick too.

If gardening indoors, try your luck with salads and herbs. A few popular choices include zesty arugula or red/green oak leaf. For herbs, give your taste buds a treat with basil, oregano, thyme or rosemary. Fortunately, these seasonal herbs and salads are easy to plant and care for. If you’re starting with their seeds, fill small pots with soil and plant the seeds an inch deep. Like us, salad and herb seeds like living together, so planting multiple seeds in one pot is a great idea! Also like us, they need water and food. Remember to keep these plants hydrated (but not over-watered) and feed them nutrient-filled plant food every 3-4 weeks. If available, position the pots closest to the window or on the balcony. Keep a dish placed under the pots for any additional moisture and be available to routinely check in on them.

Or, if you have an outdoor gardening spot, trendy vegetables to plant in May include peas, peppers, and zucchinis. For zucchinis, plant seeds 2-4 feet apart in compost rich, well-drained soil and add an inch of water weekly until they are well-developed. Zucchinis can grow fast! Up to 1-2 inches a day, so make sure to keep your eyes on them too.

After just a few weeks of tending to your crops, your ‘homemade garden’ salad will be ready to munch on!

With all the fresh produce, try adding the ingredients to any salad, stir-fry, casserole or simply as good ol’ snacks. Not to mention, they will taste extra yummy knowing that they were grown with all the care you gave them. If you have extra produce, make sure to get your friends inspired and treat them to a nutritious home-grown garden salad too.

Or, if you’d like to skip out on the seeding, try purchasing a plant from a nursery that has already gone through the seeding process and enjoy its benefits as you continue to grow these green-thumbed ‘babies’ in your home.

Heat Holders late spring activities - gardening

Explore Nature Paths:

Extended daylight during the spring means more time to spend outdoors. Grab your pals and get ready to explore!

As much as the wildlife enjoys the rain, so can we! Have you ever danced in the rain before?

Prepare for the exciting event and get outside during a crisp spring rainfall! Pop open an umbrella as you enjoy some tunes and bust a few moves out in the downpour. Just make sure to end the party early if you spot any lightning!

If sunshine is more your vibe, grab a snug pair of Heat Holders® ULTRA LITE™ Socks and get ready to use those feet. This season is the perfect time to spread your wings and explore new outdoor territory. Try discovering a different walking path down by the river or a hiking trail in a luscious forest. Wherever your path leads you, enjoy the benefits of nature sights, unexpected adventures and bonding time with your outdoor companions, all while staying active and fit.

Did you know that being in nature can also enhance your mood?

According to Harvard University, walks in nature correlate with lower prefrontal cortex activity. This means that there is lower brain activity in the region that focuses on repetitive negative emotions. Instead, the rejuvenating time spent in nature will act on our bodies to combat stress, anxiety and depression. Read more on how nature can help here.


Search for Local Wildlife:

While spending that additional time outside, keep your eyes and ears peeled for all the mesmerizing sights of spring. With the handy-dandy internet, try researching about local plants and wildlife that live around you!

If you live near a lake or river, sightseeing for elegant spring swans or tiny minnows may be an option. Or, if you live closer to a forest, lock your eyesight upwards for flying red cardinals and woodpeckers in towering coniferous trees.

Heat Holders late spring activities - play in the rain

Add Some Backyard Fun:

With young children or as a roommate activity, have fun painting bright colors onto rocks to add a touch of spring to the yard. Position these rocks along the fence or together under a tree and enjoy the benefits of spotting these vibrant hues throughout the sunny days. With the kids around, double-up on the excitement by transforming the yard into a fairy garden. Kids know that these tiny fairy creatures can only thrive in the brightest environments, so try adding dainty dolls, small flowers and, of course, an airy fairy wand for a magical day well-spent in the fairy garden.

Or, if you have access to a park or large green space nearby, try your hand at kite-flying! Did you know the longest kite-flight time recorded was 180 hours? That’s over a week of time spent in the sky! But do not fear if you don’t have 180 hours to spare; building a kite is fun and totally possible with just paper, string and some tape. Gather your friends or family members and challenge them to a friendly kite competition to keep your spring spirits soaring high!

As we bid farewell to the season, remember that there are endless fun ways to explore the springtime and your outdoor interests. As always, Heat Holders® will be there to keep you comfortable, warm and protected.

Spring definitely makes us feel good.

Thank you, Mother Nature for #MakingLifeWarmer.

We hope you enjoy the final days of spring!



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