The Making Life Warmer Project

Our company invented the warmest thermal socks in the world in 2008. We started distributing our brand in North America in 2011. As our products made their way into the marketplace, local charities and organizations started reaching out to us to help those in need.

We were touched. Individuals in our team felt happy to be able to help, from the person who received it, to the person who approved it, to those who helped ship out the product.

With our 10th anniversary in sight, we have made a commitment to continually help those in need. It is a privilege. And we are only able to do this because of you, our customer who has embraced Heat Holders®, and we are very thankful. Your Heat Holders® team.


Some of our valued partners:

Knock Knock, Give a Sock Sock it to Homelessness

Direct Relief Christian Outreach