Men's Touch Screen Gloves

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Men's Touch Screen Gloves Packaging Black

Men's Touch Screen Gloves



Heat Holders® Men's touch screen gloves are created with our high performance thermal yarn and HeatWeaver® insulation lining to maximize the amount of warm air held close to your body.

  • Main Body: 89% Acrylic, 7% Cotton, 2% Nylon, 1% Polyester, 1% Metal Fiber
  • Lining: 100% Polyester
  • 1 Pair Pack
  • HeatWeaver® plush fur lining for high performance insulation
  • Protective Cuff
  • Advanced insulating yarn
  • Touch screen fingertips to answer calls and take pictures
  • Machine wash warm
  • Imported

Size guide:
To find which glove size is right for you, first measure your hand. Measure your right hand if you are right-handed or your left hand if you are left-handed. As shown in the below diagram, wrap a tape measure around your palm at the base of your knuckles. Match this measurement in inches or centimeters to our glove sizes for the best fit.
Tip: When in doubt, choose the larger size.

Glove Size Diagram

Glove Size Chart