By understanding human physiology, we can plan ahead to keep ourselves warm!

Staying warm is hot!

Ever stood shivering waiting for the bus, or for your car to warm up on a winter morning? Or bundled yourself in 3 layers of blankets, and worn two pairs of socks to bed?

We have heard the horror stories and use them as motivation to curate all our Heat Holders® products and gear. Providing exceptional warmth, comfort and protection is what we do best!

As the temperature drops, we tend to turn to our furnaces or fireplaces first before considering our own body’s natural thermostat and how we can use it to help defend us from the cold.

Temperature on the Human Body

As humans, when we encounter a temperature that is lower than that of ourselves, we instinctively feel cold due to the effects of heat transfer from the warmer object (us!) to the cooler. In this process, our body’s natural heat is released and transferred to the cooler object with the objective of temperature equilibrium between the two.

While trying to obtain equal temperatures, our body feels like it picks up the cold from the cooler object, resulting in a constant loss of heat in the battle to warm ourselves up in our environment.

Did you know most body heat is generated from deep inside the liver, heart and brain?

Knowing this, we have designed products to restrict the loss of heat from your body through our thick insulating layers to keep body heat close to your skin. You deserve it! You work hard to generate heat and we are simply helping you to preserve it for your own comfort and use!

Heat Holders using science to keep you warmer

Temperature & the Human Brain

Our hypothalamus, located in the brain, is responsible for controlling our thermoregulation; this regulates our average internal temperature 24/7 and notifies us if it is too high or low.

When not in the average internal body temperature range ((98°F (37°C) to 100°F (37.8°C)), the hypothalamus sends signals to our muscles, organs, glands, and nervous system warning of our need to react and return temperatures to normal levels, leaving us feeling uncomfortable.

Our small average internal body temperature range does not leave much flexibility for us to combat the cold effects on our skin. Hypothermia, the condition of being excessively cold, is reached when the body temperature falls to 95°F (35°C) or lower. While experiencing this unfavorable health condition, risks of brain damage, cardiac arrest, and even death can increase. However, effective and correct warm layers can help diminish the risk of hypothermia.

What is Shivering?

Shivering is the way our bodies warn us we need to get somewhere warmer - and fast! Because the majority of our heat is generated in the deep core of our bodies, when the temperature of our skin drops, it means our core temperature under our skin is at risk of falling too.

The spasmodic contracting and relaxing of muscles during shivering consumes calories as it generates heat. However, if the temperature is too cold for the body, shivering may stop as moderate hypothermia sets in, causing the core body temperature to reduce even further.

Note that, although consuming alcohol during colder conditions seems like a quick solution to warm you up, the effects of alcohol will only further reduce the body’s core temperature. Nothing compares to the positive effects of thick socks and a raise in your internal thermostat - and fast!

Temperature Science of HeatHolders®

Through our advanced thermodynamics and 3-step manufacturing process, we created our socks based on 3 levels of warmth: ORIGINAL™, LITE™, and ULTRA LITE™.

  • ORIGINAL™ TOG rating = 2.3 - 7x warmer than basic cotton socks
  • LITE™ TOG rating = 1.6 - 5x warmer than basic cotton socks
  • ULTRA LITE™ TOG rating = 1.0 3x warmer than basic cotton socks

What is a TOG rating?

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, and is an apparel industry standard to help determine the ability of a product to retain heat. The higher the TOG rating an item has, the more heat the item can hold. A higher TOG rating keeps you warmer.

Heat Holders® make the warmest thermal socks on the market, as well as an extensive range of thermal accessories and apparel.

Did you know? Heat Holders® holds the record for the highest TOG rated socks on the market today!

At Heat Holders®, we know that while staying warm, avoiding excess sweat build up is necessary. That is why all of our products contain our reliable sweat and odor management technology too. So you can stay dry and comfortable while reducing sweat and odor, to keep you at your best!

Health Conditions ,Cold Temperatures & Heat Holders®

There are many health conditions that can trigger feelings of being cold. This list may include diabetes, anaemia, and poor circulation. According to research, as people age over 60 years old, it becomes more difficult for their bodies to generate heat, making reversing the effects of the cold even more challenging to accomplish. Fortunately, that is where Heat Holders® can help.

After approaching (link opens in new window) with our sock collection years ago, the association took the initiative to send our trusted products to their members experiencing their cold symptoms. Since then, we have received a plethora of positive emails, reviews, and remarks from members and customers telling us how Heat Holders® has helped them cope and keep warm as they experienced diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy treatments, raynauds, and more.

I have had peripheral neuropathy secondary to statins for eight years. My feet are ice cold much of the time. Now I also have ALS, with progressive weakness, which adds paralysis to the picture, increasing the neuropathic issues. My feet LOVE Heat Holders! It is the ONLY sock that consistently gives me comfort! I highly recommend them!” Nancy W.

We feel blessed that our products help provide warmth and comfort to even the most vulnerable community members from all over the world and throughout all seasons.

Trust the science and stay warm everyone!