Things You Can Do With Your Old Socks

Socks are that one accessory that are needed at all times, but what happens when you've lost one and are left with a pair-less sock? Believe it or not there are plenty of uses for that lonely sock in your daily life.

Instead of throwing away your old and mismatched socks, read on to see some creative ways you can use them. 

Place them at the bottom of sticky bottles: To keep sticky bottles (such as oil or vinegar) from making a mess in the pantry, place a sock at the bottom. It'll absorb the excess liquid running down the bottle and prevent rings from being formed on the shelves. 

Keep toy pieces together: If you have kids you know they are notorious for losing pieces of their toys. To prevent this, fill socks with loose pieces and tie them at the end. 

Ice-proof windshield wipers: In the winter months, slide some socks on your wipers to keep them ice-free. When you're ready to drive, all you have to do is slide them off and you're left with perfectly preserved ice-free wipers! 

Keep the windshield from fogging up: Fill up socks with some cat litter, tie them up and place them on your dashboard. The cat litter is said to absorb moisture, keeping your windshield fog free. 

Use them as dusters: Can't find a duster around the house? Pull some socks over your hands and use them as dusters to clean around the home. They'll do the same job as a duster by trapping dirt, hair and dust from appliances, blinds, tables, fans and anything else that requires cleaning. 

Protect your shoes from paint stains: Slip on a couple pair of socks over your shoes to avoid getting paint stains on them during your next painting project. You can simply remove the socks once you're done! 

Sock Puppet: Get the kids together and create a sock puppet! It's fun, easy and the kids will love it! 

Dog Toy: Dog toys can be really expensive. You can create your own using an old sock and tennis ball. Tie up the tennis ball in a sock to give your dog a really good pull toy.  

Next time you think about disposing your old or mismatched socks, save them and put them to use!